Inspired by tradition

Afternoon Tea at Wimbledon

Enjoyed at Wimbledon since 1877, the quaint British afternoon tea is more popular than ever at SW19


The collective calm of a hushed crowd before the building euphoria of a fiercely contested match point. A chilled glass of champagne enjoyed with a portion of freshly picked Kentish strawberries and cream. British summertime on The Hill cheering on the next homegrown hopeful. There are many things that we will miss about Wimbledon this summer, but afternoon tea doesn’t have to be one of them.

Guests enjoy afternoon tea at The All England Club in 1906 (left) and a classic serving at The Championships, 2019 (right). 

300,000 cups of tea and coffee. 191,000 servings of strawberries and cream. 65,850 scones with jam and Devonshire clotted cream


Here at Wimbledon, we know just how much a good cup of tea can mean to the British public. After all, we prepare more than 300,000 cups of tea and coffee during an ordinary Fortnight. For many of our guests, taking afternoon tea at Wimbledon is an important part of The Championships experience. In 2019, we served 65,850 scones but we still leave it to you to decide which goes on first, the dollop of strawberry jam or the generous scoop of fresh clotted cream.


Our colleagues in Food & Drink at Wimbledon take pride in delivering the largest single annual sporting catering operation and that’s why we take extra care in the development of our fine bone china and homewares collections. Designed in the UK and decorated with patterns appropriate to an afternoon at The Championships we develop new ranges each year in celebration of that English fascination, afternoon tea. For those looking to recreate the Wimbledon Fortnight at home, our high-quality homewares include kitchen textiles and tableware and are available in a variety of tennis themed patterns.

Vibrant Alliums can be spotted all over the grounds at The All England Lawn Tennis Club. Here, light purple springs can be seen lining the Clubhouse whilst deeper shades sit on Court 14, overlooked by the No.1 Court.

This year we looked to our Head Gardener for inspiration and to one of his favourite flowers, the Allium. Easy to spot for their bold purple flowering heads, these can currently be seen adorning the entrance to the Clubhouse at SW19. 


So, whether you’re recreating an afternoon tea at The Championships from the back of the garden or reliving historic matches from the living room, remember to send us your favourite Wimbledon traditions and moments using #WimbledonRecreated.

You can find all of our homewares in the designs pictured above and more by clicking here.